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VICI will connect your world with the high-quality video and enterprise video conferencing. Our system delivers cost effective interactive, two-way video that is secure, ready to scale and supported on any device. It removes the technical barriers between conference room systems, computers, mobile devices, and applications. Our system provides a secure, global platform and scalable architecture that enables video everywhere.

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Our Services

Why you should choose VICI services

Advanced systems and Services for small and medium sized business VICI Voice will help you enhance your home office with professional phone service.

Desktop App

Vici Desktop App is excellent tool for business users and project managers. The desktop app fecilitates phone calls, video conferencing and for team's messaging.
Vici Desktop app integrates with many apps and enhances productivity of customers.

  • Available for Windows OS & Mac OS.

Mobile App

Vici Mobile App integrates with your work mobile number on your mobile device to make calls, send messages and for Video conferencing . Mobile App adds many more functions and features to your mobile device

  • Available on Android & IOS.

Desk phones

Enhance your Business with Vici desk phones. Make your small business look international with Vici Desk phones. Vici desk phones works with Panasonic, Poly, Yealink or any phone of your choice.

Video Conference

An intuitive video collaboration solution built into our desktop, web, and mobile apps. The video conferencing facility provides features like Video, chat, screen share, record meetings, white boards, reactions and many more.

Integrate your Vici desktop and mobile app with leading CRMs and business productivity apps.

The Vici App Center makes it easy to add or request integrations.

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"Vici Inc Business Communications was the one solution that met all our needs. We have a convenient, single application integration with Microsoft Teams, as well as the ability to support our international locations."


Our Pricing

Basic Pack

$19.99 / month

10% Discount for All customers

For Productivity & enriching Business experience. To gain advantage over competition.

Basic Plan features:
  • Unlimited Telecons for up to 100
  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • CRM Integration
  • IP desk phone capability

Premium Pack

$29.99 / month

10% Discount for All customers

Level up and gain productivity with included premium calling features.

All Basic Plan features Plus:
  • Call Recording: upto 20Hrs
  • Call Group
  • Visual Voicemail

Frequently Asked Questions

To start calling with VICI Voice, View our plans and buy online, schedule a conversation or simply call +1 (469) 214-7014 to speak with our expert.

Do you require any help? Docs, training sessions and live chat are available on the VICI Website