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A. Systems and services for Small and medium sized businesses Vici Comm. helps you enhance your home office with a professional phone service! When your clients or customers call, Vici Comm. gives your home office all the right features to Help you serve your clients in the office and on the go. Take the extension with you when you travel! Send it to Voice mail if you are busy! Send the voice mail as an email! Loaded with features to help you project a professional image! Features which project an image to your clients to never know you are working from home (unless you tell them).

  • Ask for our Video phones to have face to face calls with your colleagues!
  • Discounted —Unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • High Tech features - Click to call from your computer, simultaneous ring on your cell phone, Customizable on -hold music, Conference bridges to add multiple users, Three-way calling, CallerID. Voicemail. Advanced call forwarding etc. Vicicomm. phone service is easy to set up and easy to use. You just need your existing Internet connection and a VoIP business phone.
  • Keep your existing phone number when you switch to Vicicomm - Local Number Portability (LNP) enables customers in the United States to transfer their existing telephone number (traditional or Internet-based) from one phone service provider to another. Reliable and Affordable Small Business Phone Service
  • Fed up with managing a clunky old phone system and multiple vendors? Vicicomm’s small business phone service uses the latest VoIP technology to provide for all your small business phone service needs with robust features, sleek IP phones and knowledgeable support.
  • Save money—Save up to 30% each month when you move from traditional phone service to Vici Comm’s
  • Advanced—Includes auto attendant, voicemail, Caller ID, call forwarding, Conference Bridge, and more!
  • Mobility—Never miss a call, even when you're on the go- simultaneous ring on to mobile phones. Great phones and reliable service— Create a lasting, professional impression with our feature-loaded VoIP business phones and reliable service.
  • Employees anywhere—On-site employees, remote offices and mobile workers all use the same phone system so conducting business and connecting employees has never been easier.
  • There's no on-site PBX hardware or software required. You just need your existing Internet connection and our VoIP business phones. 1.B. Do you have multiple locations geographically scattered? A distributed workforce? A sales force of road warriors? Installers who telecommute? Vicicomm offers Complete Business Phone System for BRANCH OFFICES CONNECT ALL YOUR BRANCHES AS IF IT’S CENTRALLY LOCATED! CALLS FROM GEOGRAPHICALLY DIVERSE OFFICES CAN BE CONNECTED AS EXTENSIONS!

  • Easy to use—Easy to set up and simple to use
  • Location independent—All workers use the same phone system and features no matter where they are, so you sound like one office
  • Great phones—Sleek, stylish multimedia phones loaded with premium features
  • Save money—Up to 50% lower monthly phone bills with unlimited local and long distance calling and up to 90% off the startup costs required of a traditional PBX solution.
  • Complete phone service—everything you need in a phone system plus more.
  • Advanced calling features—all the important features you need and expect are included at no extra charge
  • Quality and reliability—Superior call quality and reliability Everything you need—No need to chase down phones from one provider, local and long distance calling plans from another, and features from somewhere else. Get it all in one place.
  • Advanced features like –

  • FindMe forwards calls to several user-defined phone numbers
  • Selected numbers ring simultaneously or in sequential order
  • Define the number of times a phone rings before the call is forwarded to another device Unlimited Calling, Free Technical Support and setup.,, subsidized VoIP phones, advanced PBx features, no phone systems to buy and maintain

    Modern T-1’s/PRis ...the SIP Trunks!

    Vicicomm also helps businesses of all sizes save up to 35% on their phone bills with SIP Trunking. Rather than being forced to pay for traditional PRIs / T-1s, you can replace it by our IP SIP circuit. Most commonly used PBXs can be fed with this circuit and all calls are automatically Encrypted and routed to our switching nodes strategically located in the country. This product can be used in situations where a major investment has already been made for purchasing a traditional PBX or if the existing PBX cannot be replaced or upgraded due to financial implications. With our unlimited usage plan, you have the perfect combination of savings and the ability to truly anticipate and budget your Telco costs. Domestic long distance is free and we offer extremely low international rates. There is no PBX equipment to purchase or install. Plus there are no added maintenance contracts, or IT staff needed to maintain or upgrade your phone systems. Moreover newer and upgraded features and releases are offered to the customer for no additional charge


    Some of the advanced features offered to customers who prefer our SIP trunks are –

  • No need to order separate IP circuit-uses your existing broadband
  • Complies with CALEA
  • Cheaper long distance compared to traditional phone rates
  • Ability to access Detailed call records-call history and logs
  • Encrypted phone calls, not easily “tappable”
  • Easy integration with gateways or IP-PBX equipment.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and un-flexible traditional voice circuits
  • Free local calls
  • Free office-to-office calling
  • Free extension to extension calling across state boundaries (non toll)
  • Full E911 capability
  • G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • Video calls supported
  • Geographic Redundancy in our network
  • Number portability (keep your number)
  • Easily Scalable to support large call volumes without voice degradation
  • Web based telephone number management
  • Web provisioned in seconds not weeks!
  • Works with any PBXE.


    Please discuss with our sales engineers to get customized quotes based on number of rooms and phone extensions. We guarantee you a 25% savings off your current bill without any investment!


    Network Design

    At Vicicomm, we are committed to providing objective telecommunications solutions for business clients. By utilizing a unique combination of highly skilled teams, proven processes and effective tools, we achieve maximum savings results for our clients. Through a comprehensive understanding of our clients' current environment and business strategy, we improve our clients' operating efficiencies, allowing them to focus on their core competencies

    We develop mutually beneficial IT/telecom vendor relationships, while remaining independent; in order to better serve our clients. We are dedicated to maintain the highest standards of business ethics within the telecommunications industry. Our ultimate focus is to achieve the highest level of internal and external customer satisfaction. We promote the involvement of all Vicicomm team members in supporting community volunteer efforts Vicicomm offer consulting and advisory services to business enterprises, institutions, and investors, in the planning, designing, implementation, and operation of their telecom systems or services

    Over the years, Vicicomm has helped CLECS, ISPs and Businesses to achieve maximum profitability by providing objective telecommunication solutions. Vicicomm comprising of skilled professionals with years of experience in the US and other countries have fuelled growth in the telecommunication sector by understanding the clients Business strategy and core competencies.


    Our Expertise among the plethora of services we offer are:-

  • NDS - Our powerful Network design software ideal for designing networks anywhere in the world.
  • CCT (Cost control Tools) which helps the client choose the best equipment suiting his budget.
  • Negotiate the best deals fast - Vendor Relationship builder (VRB)and SLA verification tool
  • Tools which help to scrub invoices faster- We help you to verify the billing – clean out overcharging, tariffs, hidden charges, disputes etc which plague the telecom industry.
  • Custom built software and reports for upper management- Web-based
  • Dedicated call centers for your Business- Our friendly customer service representatives are multilingual and operate 27/7

    The above tools and latest State of Art Technology Solutions are ideal for CLEC’s, Next-Gen Telco's, ISP's, Media and Information Technology industries, call centers and other utilities. Our group comprising of project managers, consultants, engineers, and strategic partners can help in various levels of expertise for those who are entering the Telecom Sector or to those who have IT operations. Our strength is end-to-end consulting across the implementation life cycle including Assessment, Planning, Designing, Development and Deployment